Feyè Active Moisturizer with Emu Oil


  • Emu oil is a proven Australian natural remedy with various, especially for the skin valuable and nurturing features. 


  • Emu oil is anti-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory and has an antibacterial effect.


  • Emu oil distinguishes itself by naturally high vitamine A and E contents.


  • The rich active skin care cream combines natural Australian emu oil and thermal mineral water, which activate metabolism activity.


  • Due to its unique combination of minerals, vitamines and unsaturated fatty acids the skin is provided perfectly with the important nutrients. This formula, particularly rich in emu oil and in this form unique, works especially deep down, has a skin invigorating effect and effectively promotes skin elasticity.


  • Particularly gentle, deep down working and skin-friendly care of inflammations and pruritus of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.


  • For the care of skin damages of uncertain origin, for the preventation of scarring and decubitus.
  • The cream is paraben-free.


  • The cream does not contain any cortisone.



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